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Oak Park/District 5
Sacramento, CA
United States

916 956-2491

Give A Fork is a community art project conceived by Gioia Fonda and funded by a grant from the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA. 2015-16


Support Give A Fork

CLICK the link BELOW to watch a great little promo movie about this project:

Please consider donating money to help see GIVE A FORK realized to it's fullest potential. If a whole bunch of people make small donations we'll reach our goal in no time. No amount is too little. 

The ideas, intentions and potential of Give A Fork are big, bigger than this grant. The success and scope of this project will depend largely on the number of forks collected and the amount of additional funds we can raise for outreach, materials and fabrication. Our current fundraising goal is to match the initial grant and raise and additional $10,000. The current budget breaks down as follows:


Fabrication and Installation                  3,000

Printing Costs                                           600

Translation Services                                 300

Labor for Assistants                                 1,150

Studio Rental                                          1,000

Insurance                                                1,000

Artist Design Fee                                   3,000

TOTAL                                                  $10,000

You may be thinking, that looks pretty good, so why the need for additional funding? 

ADDITIONAL FUNDING will help cover the following:

Further Fabrication costs, including equipment (maintenance and/or rental), labor and materials. I really don't think the $3000 budgeted is going to be enough, so this is primarily where I see additional funding being spent.

Donor Incentives - sometimes you have to spend a little to make more

Volunteer Support - identifying clothing-printed aprons, clipboards, coffee, sandwiches, various office supplies, occasional transportation costs

Outreach materials beyond printing- like pickle jars for collecting forks

Sundry things that might pop-up:  permits, paying for consultations with various experts (lawyer, contractor etc), possible lighting for the piece so it will look beautiful at night.

Transportation costs involved with moving, installing and relocating this sculpture after it's time in this public location is complete.

A modest increase to my artist fee of $1,500. This project represents more than six months of efforts which greatly reduces my time and productivity in the studio painting. I would like to earn fair compensation for the my investment of my time, talent, education and resources. I will only take this amount if we make our fundraising goal.

Also keep in mind that go fund me takes %5 off the top of what we fundraise. 

In the event that this fundraising campaign is wildly successful, any proceeds raised that are not spent in direct relation to the GIVE A FORK project will be donated to local non-profits, serving District 5, with a mission related to themes of GIVE A FORK.

Additionally, you may notice on the go fund me page that 10 portions of the sculpture will be used as incentives for the fundraiser's PLATINUM FORK participants. The remaining portions of the GIVE A FORK sculpture (of which there will likely be more than 10 portions remaining) will be donated to various non-profits, schools, community centers and community gardens who are interested in having a piece of this project permanently after the designated time for the piece to be on display in public has ended (likely 2 years).



Don't have much cash? No problem. We still love you.

There are a number of other ways to support this project.

1.  Give us a fork and spread the word about GIVE A FORK, tell your friends and family about it, encourage folks to "Like" the Facebook page if they do that sort of thing.

2.  You could get in touch with us if you'd like to volunteer to collect forks in your neighborhood, on behalf of an organization or simply from friends and family. We'll get you set up with the necessary materials.

3.  Once we get to the fabrication phase we are going to need help creating the actual sculpture. Please let us know if you are interested in helping and we'll let you know what we've got going on at that point in the project.